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Cosmic Country Cookout



photos: Light Leak Photography, Nicolas Gourguechon

Giddy up space cowboys, Chicago’s hot, new Whiskey distillery, Judson & Moore & Local Universe are revving up for this summer’s big bang, the Cosmic Country Cookout. Together they are expanding the Cosmic Country Showcase universe and putting together an all day party filled with eat, treats, drinks, music, and more! 


The Cosmic Country Cookout will feature artists from every corner of the Cosmic Country universe. The sparks that fly from their collision are like little shards of heaven. The all day party will feature galaxy-level local talent and supernovas from across the country including the first gay country act Lavender Country, swamped-up funk of Boulevards, and master of this new frontier of country Dougie Poole.


While the country and camp remain at the core of the Cosmic Country Cookout, it wouldn’t be a camped up bangarang without a little grillin’, chillin’, and livin’. We’ll be posted up all day, bringing you decadent morsels from our friends at Lonesome Rose and Pretty Cool Ice Cream


Music and food won’t be the only things flowing, attendees will also get the chance to sip on Judson & Moore’s premiere whiskey offerings. The cookout will also feature an expertly curated market and an immersive photo op from aeriz cannabis in order to give Cosmic Country fans old and new the opportunity to fully submerge themselves in the world of camp, country, and cosmos.  


Be sure to keep your ear to the ground, we have more irons in the fire that are sure to make the Cosmic Country Cookout a Chicago summer staple. 


The Cosmic Country Cookout Lineup includes: 


Dougie Poole: We’re lucky enough to have one of our first guests on the Cosmic Country Show, Brooklyn’s Dougie Poole, return for our universe’s expansion. His expansive sophomore album, The Freelancer’s Blues, showcases his unique ability to weave his own honky tonk fabric, blending old-school country influences with ethereal synth pop soundscapes. 


Boulevards: Welcome ferocious funk pioneer, NC-based Boulevards. On his latest album Electric Cowboy: Born in Carolina Mud, Jamil Rashad aka Boulevards, jubilantly mixes country, jazz, hip-hop, and indie rock. An intrepid performer, Rashad packs a cosmic punch with inventive, inverting grooves that spark with both grit and warmth. 


Lavender Country: We count our lucky stars that we’re able to include queer country pioneers, Lavender Country on this summer’s lineup. When Lavender Country’s self titled release came out in 1973, they created a genuine cultural milestone, the first openly gay country album. The album was the brain child of queer country’s grandpappy, Patrick Haggerty. During Lavender Country’s conception, Haggerty turned to Seattle’s gay community in order to address a wide ride of socio-political concerns as well as more personal lamentations about the complications of intamacy and sexual identity. 


Tobacco City: Chicago’s Tobacco City, built upon life’s simple pleasures. Built out of a mutual love of classic and cosmic country, the members of Tobacco City merge their psychedelic and folk influences in order to blast listeners’ expectations of the genre. Their odes to LSD have quickly gained them opening slots for country powerhouses like Orville Peck and Emmylou Harris. 


Andrew Sa: Finally, we introduce our cookout host, actor and vocalist, Andrew Sa. His planet-sized voice has earned him the title of Chicago’s premier queer country crooner. Drawing from the country cannon, Sa gives a performance with intragenerational appeal, both timeless and rooted in a definitively young, queer perspective. 

Toadvine: The new supergroup made up of talented Chicago transplants from that far far away galaxy, Ohio, Toadvine features members of punk group smut, Roof Dogs and Bascients. While they may lean a little darker, they take on truly cosmic and adventurous veins of country. 

Sarah Weddle: Sarah’s the talented musician touring as a drummer for Bnny, Waltzer, and Aunt Kelly among others, but her solo material is surprising and sweet.

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