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Cosmic Country Showcase

The Interstellar Revue


photo: Maggie Famiglietti and Kirsten Southwell

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To mark Sleeping Village's 6th voyage around the sun, Local Universe brings the “enduring cult hit” (Chicago Reader) Cosmic Country Showcase back to the Avondale bar. It's the only show where you can find budding talent singing a duet two-person horse costume while a Sasquatch steals the spotlight with an unexpected country twist on Bob Seger's "Night Moves."

Coming in from New York, headliner Lizzie No met Cosmic Country cast members in the Logan Square dive Cole’s Bar where she was playing a show as part of the now storied single-van Round Up Tour with the 78-year-old Patrick Haggerty of Lavender Country and other young queer songwriters. No and the elderly Haggerty played one of the most packed shows that the late night bar had seen, with young punks and hipsters screaming along to the group’s songs. No jumped between harp and guitar, her voice carrying the night with songs that swayed between sentimental and revolutionary. She’s bringing her whole band for the Showcase to support her new album Halfsies (Thirty Tigers / Miss Freedomland) releasing January 19th, 2024.

Joining the Cosmic Country Showcase Band, all the way from Nashville, is guitarist Sean Thompson. Renowned for his "weird ears" and captivating phased-out style he was a driving creative force behind Promised Land Sound and is one of the most sought-after players in Music City USA. You would find him touring with the likes of Steve Gunn, Erin Rae, and Emily Nenni. His newest self-titled album has him, Teddy & The Rough Riders, and modern pedal-steel genius Spencer Cullum backing some of the grooviest country sounds that choogle along with every passing tune.

Guiding the audience through this cosmic spectacle are the host Andrew Sa and the anti-host, chaos queen, Mary Williamson. We’ll travel with them through a wild night of strange and exciting music and comedy. So, come dressed for the adventure and immerse yourself in the boundless frontier of the Cosmic Country!

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